Being a graffiti artist or simply someone who enjoys the occasional writing on the wall can be a lot of fun in today’s world. There are plenty of people who are extremely sensitive about loads of different things and a little bit of humor helps peg them back a few notches. Although most cases of graffiti fall under the minor offense of vandalism, they can be pretty much harmless. Here is a list of 10 cases of graffiti that are hilarious and are primarily focused on signs.

Fun Crime

Putting up graffiti on a board that demotes graffiti must be the ultimate satisfaction for a graffiti artist. This person didn’t even go overboard with the message, just merely noted that a graffiti can be a fun crime.

Ninja Entry

This one required quite a bit of improvisation. The graffiti artist took an ordinary no entry sign and transformed it into a hilarious ninja entry sign.

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