We do not endorse drug use in any way and we are hereby pinpointing just how much it can ruin your life. However, animals doing drugs is a real thing and it is absolutely hilarious. Some animals do them for the beneficial effects and some are just so hooked they can’t stop. Truth be told, we can’t really blame them as they do have a lot of free time on their hands and not so many distractions as us humans. We’ve gathered the most hardcore animal drug users on the list below. The ways animals get high is an absolute must read!


A lot of bird species practice anting which is something of a bird-version of the spa. Birds rub ants over their bodies in order to make ants secrete acid which helps the birds as it kills critters but also because apparently it is very addicting and many birds can’t seem to stop. It’s the bird equivalent of a high.


Cats eat grass in order to clean out their bowels after which they hack the grass back up. Jaguars, however, found a better way to do this monotone thing, and that is by eating a hallucinogenic grass by the name of caapi vine. Basically, jaguars are addicted to tripping.

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