There are so many haunted locations around the world that it is difficult to keep track of the paranormal activity that occurs. Sometimes people perish within the walls of an old asylum, or someone spots a ghost child sitting the in window of an old murder house. Whether it a building still in use or one that has been abandoned for a long time, haunted buildings are creepy. Hotels are even worse, as people actually sleep in them on a daily basis. Here are ten haunted hotels we would never want to stay in.

Hotel Chelsea

The Hotel Chelsea in New York City has been the home to numerous artists, poets, and musicians, and even a couple of deaths occurred. It is said that ghosts wander the halls, including renowned author Thomas Wolfe.

Talbot Hotel

The Talbot Hotel features a staircase from Fotheringay Castle, which was built in 1100. It is said this simple staircase has led to numerous paranormal happenings. Furniture is said to move, and a portrait of Mary Queen of Scots will even shift.

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