Running a marathon is a feat only a fraction of the world’s population can currently accomplish. It requires a peak level of fitness and a level of dedication that is staggering. Marathons are hard enough on their own, but there are several running events conducted around the world that can make a regular marathon seem like a walk in the park. These events utilize the vast variety of conditions afforded to us by mother nature and test the limits of human endurance. They are conducted across varied locations and are tackled by the most seasoned runners in the world. This list contains 10 of the most grueling marathons that you can participate in the world.


This 246 kilometer run is not just a tough race, but it also has a historic angle attached to it. Participants have to race from Athens to Sparta, the exact route that Greek messenger Pheidippides had to take in 490 BC during the Persian wars in order to ask the Spartans for support. The duration of this run is 36 hours and the current record is 20 hours, equating to a staggering 12 kilometers per hour.

Yukon Arctic Ultra

The Yukon arctic ultra is designed to push the boundaries of human capacity. It is conducted each year in the northwestern corner of Canada, extremely close to the Arctic circle, in a region known as the Yukon territory. It is conducted in the month of February, when the temperature drops to 40 degrees or less. Runners have to make their way through snow storms in order to complete this daunting run.

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