Despite the fact that screenwriters generally don’t want anyone to mess with their story, scripts are often far from set in stone and are regularly changed on set by the director and producers. It isn’t even unusual for the script to be unfinished while the movie goes into production and starts shooting. While a good script is essential to create a great film, actors can also improvise certain lines or actions through their own sheer brilliance that transforms a scene from good to amazing. These types of scenes can often become famous in their own right and standout from the rest of the movie.

The Shining

The Shining is widely considered to be one of the best modern horror films of all time. It is particularly remembered for the acting of Jack Nicholson and some of his infamous lines, which include the “Here’s Johnny!” remark. After chopping down part of the door with an axe, Nicholson stuck his head through and shouted the words in reference to The Johnny Carson Show even though it wasn’t part of the script.

Good Will Hunting

As well as being a deeply emotional and dramatic movie, Good Will Hunting also features a heart-warming scene where Robin Williams discusses a story about his deceased wife. The dialogue sees Williams’ character talk about how she used to fart in bed, causing Matt Damon to laugh hysterically, though the story wasn’t part of the script. Instead, Williams had simply made the whole thing up during the scene and the laughing was genuine.

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