While there is something rather sweet about a person saving themselves for marriage, that particular practice has become rather rare these days. In fact, it’s so rare, that when we see a really good looking woman or man who are saying they are waiting until they get married to have sex, we tend to think something is wrong with them. The fact of the matter is there are some really, really good looking ladies who were turning down everyone when it came to going between the sheets with someone for the first time until that someone was willing to put a ring on them. Check out our list of the absolute hottest celebs you won’t believe saved themselves for marriage.

Celine Dion

The French-Canadian singer waited until 1994 to lose her virginity, which is when she married Rene Angélil. This must have been a rather long wait for her happy husband, considering there were rumors he and Celine first started dating when she was just 14 years old.

Meagan Good

Meagan Good might have gone the longest of anyone on this list before she finally gave up the goods. The actress says she was 32 when she married Seventh-Day Adventist preacher DeVon Franklin and finally had sex.

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