Game of Thrones has shocked the world when it comes to its level of massive popularity. There are fan sites and fan groups that are deeply dedicated to making sure they know every little detail about their favorite show and their favorite actors in that show. Despite this dedication, there are still plenty of things you probably don’t know about these beloved characters and the people who play them. Whether it was an old romance, or another job, there are all kinds of things you’ll be glad you found out by reading 10 Game of Thrones cast secrets you didn’t know about and let us know what you think.

Bronn and Cersei Once Dated

The actors who play Bronn (Jerome Flynn) and Cersei (Lena Headey) were apparently once an item before they were both on GoT. The romance didn’t end well and the pair hate each other now.

Shae Was A Porn Star

The woman who played Shae (a prostitute in the show) was an adult actress in Germany before she started taking more traditional roles. Sibel Kekilli was actually quite popular but left that life behind.

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