Oh, Siri. How we love you so. However, sometimes we worry that you may not love us back and that you’re actually just a sarcastic voice assistant with attitude that even the sassiest girls can’t deal with. Alas, you can be a helpful voice assistant with your great ideas and helpful tools to get us through our day. Here are ten hilarious things to say or ask Siri when you’re sitting at home, bored, and have nothing to do! Some of these responses may surprise you.

“I’m Drunk”

When you open Siri, don’t tell her that you’re drunk. Just straight away cut to the chase and Siri to call you a taxi. Siri wouldn’t like it if you started breathing on her…

“Have You Ever Been In Love?”

Love can hurt, but I feel like falling off a desk would be very painful as well. Should we check if Siri has a broken heart from both of these things?

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