Having a huge budget for a brand new movie that is about to hit theaters sounds like it would ensure a lot of success, what with all of the extra special effects, the big-name actors and actresses, and the technical crews, but that is where you would be wrong. In reality, the movie can completely flop even if a big budget is in place. A lot of movies that were once thought to be incredible ended up being major disappointments. This obviously shocked the whole world, as everyone was expecting a wonderful film and a fun time. Here are ten massive budget films that flopped completely.


Back in 1987, when Ishtar was produced and released, it cost an insane $30 million, which was almost unheard of at the time. Sadly, despite all of this cash, the movie only generated around $14 million, which means the producers didn’t recoup their costs.

Heaven’s Gate

Heaven’s Gate is always going to be remembered as a movie that cost so much more than it earned and nothing else. In 1980, the film cost $42 million to produce, but only earned back an estimated $3 million domestically, making it a huge financial failure.

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