Hollywood is full of old and young stars. Most actors are capable of portraying a range of ages, so it’s easy to lose track of how old they really are. In fact, most of the female stars we all love are a lot younger than you’d expect. Below is a list of 10 female celebrities that look older than they appear. Everybody ages differently, but these gorgeous ladies certainly got the short end of the stick. Some of the results are shocking.

Angelina Jolie

This brunette beauty has lived quite the life. From her acclaimed movies to her philanthropic efforts, it’s hard to believe that she is only 39 years old. She definitely looks like she’s in her late 40’s.

Lindsay Lohan

Time has not been fair to Lindsay Lohan. The once popular star lost her public appeal and appears to have fell off the deep end. Plastic surgery and an unhealthy lifestyle have led this 28-year old star to look like she’s in her late 30’s.

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