We all have those moments when we need to make fast cash. It might be a family emergency or an opportunity that has come up that you just don’t have the money for right now. No matter what the reason is though, you know you’ve got to come up with some funds quickly and you don’t have time to go out and find a second job. If you’re in that spot right now, you’re in luck. These 10 ways to make fast money could put cash in your pocket in a matter of days.

Have A Garage Sale

If you need to get some money in your pocket quickly, gather up everything you can bear to part with and get ready for a garage sale. All you need are some tables and signs.

The night before the sale, run around town and place signs up in high traffic areas with your address. Get on Facebook and post in the buy/sale groups that you’re having a yard sale. Post a couple pictures to get interest and list some of the items you have for sale.

Get up early the morning of the sale because garage sale-ers start at the crack of dawn!

Be A Busker

Can you play an instrument? Sing? Recite poetry? Cover yourself in white body paint and white clothes and stand really still (seriously! I’ve seen people doing the statue pose earn lots of money)? If you have a talent take it to the street.

You should check in on laws in your area that buskers need to follow though. Of course, if you’re really in a jam and can move fast, it might be worth the risk.

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