When talking about some of the most interesting places in the world, the biggest drawback is that you likely won’t be able to get to see them up close and personal. Sometimes this is because the things that are stored there are top secret. Other times, the things that are stored there are going to fall apart if they are touched or used. Sometimes the places are just reserved for very specific people. You may not be able to go to the places on this list without a very specific kind of invitation, but you can at least get a peak behind the curtain and find out a little bit about the places you aren’t allowed to visit. Maybe you’ll learn so much you’ll be able to pretend as though you actually did get to visit.

Vault of Coke’s Secret Formula

Coke’s formula, created back in 1886 is one of the most protected formulas in the world. Coca-Cola used to house the recipe in SunTrust Bank in Atlanta but recently moved it to a vault at the “World of Coca-Cola”

Now visitors can get a look at the vault, after going through a number of security checkpoints, but they’re still not actually allowed inside the vault.

Lascaux Caves

While the caves with the famous pre-historical paintings used to be a tourist attraction, the caves now need very special passes from scientists in order to enter, as well as special gear. The air inside the caves has been known to be toxic.

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