Donald Trump received his start as a celebrity business magnate, but is now vying for the top position in the biggest company of them all: the United States presidential office. The man has been running in the presidential race for the 2016 position since it began, and the country has been split into sections of support. Some claim this guy is going to reinvigorate the nation and bring back the country we used to love. Others say he is going to utterly destroy us as a people. Who knows what will happen. Anyway, here are ten fascination facts to prepare the US for Donald Trump.


Donald Trump has never drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes, or done any type of drugs – recreational or otherwise. His brother, Fred, however, was an alcoholic for a lengthy period of time and ultimately died from a drug addiction problem.


His trademark hair is not actually a toupee, despite what some may think. He doesn’t even have a personal stylist to handle the mess on his head either, as his wife does it for him.

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