Human beings have always been marred in violence. From the very beginning of the species, men and woman have battled against each other in wars. Sometimes the overall aim is the conquest of new lands, in other cases it is self-defense, while in others it can even be an act of revenge or retaliation. What is clear though is that wars can start for all kinds of reasons. Occasionally though, wars can start for bizarre and frankly ridiculous reasons.

Basus War

This 40 year conflict was a war between two rival Arabian clans that began in 494 CE. It started when the chief of one of the tribes killed a camel that belonged to a woman from the other tribe, igniting a bloody conflict that saw each tribe carrying out acts of vengeance on the enemy, such as killing their animals and men.

The Pastry War

What began as a simply naval blockade in 1838 quickly escalated into armed conflict. The initial contributing factor involved a French pastry chef having his premises attacked by some Mexican soldiers. When the chef eventually managed to take his case to the King of France to get compensation, this triggered a war that saw some 300 people die after Mexico refused to pay anything to the chef and other citizens. The conflict ended when the British intervened and ordered Mexico to pay compensation.

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