Before we had telescopes and other gadgets that we could use to find the exact answers scientists and philosophers were looking for, we had thought experiments. These were almost simplistic, commonsensical riddles, that were used to invigorate the mind and find logical solutions to complex problems. Thought experiments formed the basis for the hypothesis of a lot of famous theories from the past. It is a good way to use our mind to test the merit of ideas without getting any science behind it. Here is a list of 10 thought experiments that you can try for yourself.

Galileo’s Gravity Experiment

This was was created by one of the most famous astronomers in history – Galileo. Imagine if two objects, one light and another heavy, are tied to one another and dropped off a tower. Do they objects slow each other down while falling, or do they become faster due to the cumulative weight?

The Cow In The Field

A farmer is worried about his prize cow. The milkman assures the farmer that he did in fact spot the cow in the field. The farmer decides to take a look for himself and manages to spot the cow at a distance. After a while, the milkman returns and spots the cow again, but this time upon closer inspection, he realizes that what he saw was not the cow, but a black and white paper stuck in the tree. After looking a little longer, he manages to see the cow in the distance. The milkman is sure that the farmer spotted the paper and assumed it to be the cow. The question here is, even though the cow was in the field, was the farmer correct in thinking it was there?

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