In the wonderful word of entertainment, famous celebrities are notoriously known and have to be placed into the limelight on a daily basis. These celebrities have to know how to adapt to flashing cameras in their faces, and meet crazed fans, even when they don’t feel like it. What most people may not know, is that despite their success some of these stars actually suffer from stage fright. Many of the biggest names in the entertainment industry still gets nervous before a big performance, award show, and public speaking. Let’s take a look at a few celebrities who suffer from stage fright.


Able is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Despite having record breaking album sales and sold out shows, she suffers from stage fright. Adele admits to being terrified of huge audiences and even vomitting on stage because she gets nervous.

Lady Gaga

Besides her popular music, Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous fashion choices on the red carpet. The singer has admitted to being nervous during award shows and performances.

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