It’s a hard enough task to get into Hollywood or achieve greatness as an artist all on its own. Many try, but few people succeed at such a high level. That makes it even more impressive for those that had to deal with adversity on their way to the top. From freak accidents that gave actors disfigured hands to major ones that required amputation, here are some of the most notable actors and artists that had to overcome these kinds of obstacles.

Robert David Hall

The famous coroner from CSI is actually missing both of his legs. At 31 years of age, an 18-wheeler truck crushed both of his legs in a car accident, requiring both to be amputated.

James Doohan

Serving in the military in the 1940’s, Doohan was shot six times on D-Day. Four bullets hit his leg, but one bullet to his right middle finger causing it to be amputated. He kept it hidden throughout his career playing Scotty in Star Trek.

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