People tend to think of small countries as something like Monaco or a tiny nation in Eastern Europe that some can’t even point to on a map. In reality, a small nation is actually more of a micronation, and these are scattered across the world in obscure locations. Basically, a micronation is a miniature state that has its own laws, government, and even a handful of citizens willing to stand by their beliefs and rules. Some were formed to evade taxes, some just wanted to express their artistic side, all are weird and stood alone. Here are ten famous micronations that stood on their own.


Back in 1980, Lars Vilks, a Swedish artist, constructed his own micronation made of wood and stone along the beach in Kullaberg, Skane, Sweden. The nation was just .386 of a single square mile. Somehow, though, the population rose to 14,000.


The Kingdom of Redonda is just .87 of a square mile, and was built over a number of years by eccentric artists and novelists. In the 1800s, Mathew D. Shiell, of the Caribbean island of Montserrat, claimed an uninhabitated island as his own and Redonda was born.

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