When people think of Europe, a lot of fun and adventurous associations come to mind. It is a diverse and culturally rich part of our world that has seen its fair share of ups and downs. The economy in Europe today is not in its best state, but the peace and serenity of the region still remains. The continent is packed with powerhouse countries like France, Germany and Sweden and is considered one of the most developed continents on Earth. It is a backpackers paradise with a multitude of landscapes and sceneries packed into easily traversable countries. The diversity and history of the region alone ensures that there are many things most people will never understand about Europe unless they visit the place themselves. Here is a list of 10 amazing facts relate to Europe.

Sweden Loves McDonald’s

There are plenty of McDonald’s all over Europe, but Sweden has more McDonald’s per capita than any other country in Europe.

The Big Fish

The legend of the Lochness Monster has really helped Scotland. The country receives over 7 million Euros every month from tourists flocking to the lake to try and catch a sight of the legend.

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