Timothy “Tim” Cook may be the chief executive officer of Apple Inc., but the 54-year-old executive has more to him than a title. Since taking over for the late Steve Jobs as CEO in August 2011, Cook was Apple’s chief operating officer.

However, the public still doesn’t seem to have much of a background of who Cook is. With that said, before you listen to him talk at his next at Apple’s next keynote speech, here’s a list of a few things you have never known about Tim Cook.

Rinse & Repeat

Tim Cook is a cycling and hiking enthusiast who is noted to be in the Apple’s private gym by 5 am every morning, which follows waking up at around 3:45 and spending approximately an hour reading and responding to emails.

A frequent user of energy bars, it is no surprise that under the self-described fitness nut’s leadership, the Apple Watch was announced.

Cook, whose Twitter biography previously said that he’s a fan of Auburn football and Duke Basketball, is very open about his love of nature, even approving the name Yosemite as the name of the next Mac system.


Tim Cook has served on the board of directors of Nike, Inc. since 2005. As Presiding Director and Chairman of the Compensation Committee, his duties include overseeing the company’s compensation plans and reviewing the overall performance of the CEO.

Cook also serves for the National Football Foundation, often abbreviated as NFF, a non-profit organization founded to “promote and develop amateur American football” throughout the United States. Tim Cook joined the board in February of 2010, months before he was named the Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc.

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