The original reference towards any form of marijuana or it uses dates way back to 2737 B.C., where it was discovered in the writings of a Chinese emperor known as Shen Nung. At the time, marijuana was often used as a gift amongst colleagues and nations, for medical uses, ceremonial incense, and of course as a recreational device for fun. There are currently hundreds of different terms for marijuana, including weed, grass, Mary Jane, chronic, dope, and plenty more. Most people have heard of those, but there is a lot about marijuana most people don’t even know. Here are ten facts about marijuana every smoker should know.

Victor Licata

Back on October 16, 1933, Victor Licata systematically murdered his parents, two brothers, one sister, and their family dog using an axe. He was placed into a mental healthy unit for the crime. While committed the murder, it was revealed Licata was under the influence of marijuana. It is said the substance was “poisonous” and “mind-wrecking.”

Cannabis Cup

Marijuana is a naturally occurring plant in the wilderness, though there are a lot of people growing their own strains these days. Today, the Cannabis Cup is the biggest festival for weed in the entire world. It is held annually in Amsterdam each November. Recently, however, it was moved to Washington and Colorado, since the two states have legalized the substance.

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