In the days of old advertising was used to introduce people to new and innovative products by promoting their features. However, after the Mad Men era, advertising has turned into a huge ball of flaming half-truths that we have to figure out in order to know what we are about to purchase. While there are certain laws, advertisers still manage to provide us with miraculous products, which we end up not getting. Nevertheless, as we are all aware of the tricks of advertisers, we’ve thought ourselves to laugh at what should usually offend us. With that in mind here are 10 extremely funny and hilarious cases of false advertising.

Gran Bahia Principe Pauta Cana in the Dominican Republic

What a better place to spend your summer than this perfectly secluded beach. Well, it turns out that the beach is not as private as the ad makes you believe.

This Chocolate Chip Cookie

You might have been tempted by the filled with chocolate chips cookie on the wrapper, but it turns out that cookie has only one chocolate chip. After all it is called a chocolate chip cookie, not chips!

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