There are many problems with the global educational system and one of its biggest concerns is availability. Children are simply unable to access quality schools in different parts of the world and this tends to have a cascading effect on the condition of the world in the future. A lot of children in remote or developing countries have to make quite a journey just to get to a place where they can receive an education. This is truly a troubling situation and one that needs to be corrected quickly. This list includes images of students taking a lot of trouble just to get themselves to school.

New Delhi, India

Children in most parts of India have to resort to public transportation to get to school. In some developing and under-developed regions, this involves cramming into one vehicle and holding on for dear life.

Zanzkar, Indian Himalayas

Children in the Zanzkar region of the Indian Himalayas have to make a long and treacherous trek in order to get to school. They have to deal with the extreme cold and travel through many layers of thin ice, just to receive a decent education.

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