The gaming industry has grown in the past two decades become one of the leading forms of entertainment in the world. No longer are consoles just for a select few people, they are now enjoyed by millions of people, with the most popular games even going on to make more money than blockbuster movies. Just like films though, making a video game is an expensive task. Big titles such as Destiny and Grand Theft Auto involve hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of developers contributing. When the costs of paying all of those employees is combined with marketing budgets and the purchase of equipment, it is not uncommon for games to run into costing tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. Unfortunately, not all of them go on to recoup their budgets.

APB: All Points Bulletin

APB: All Points Bulletin had a very protracted development period, leading to ever increasing costs as it came no closer to release. With around $100 million invested into creating the game that was seen as a potential successor to Grand Theft Auto, fans were eagerly anticipating the title as soon as it was announced. However, with an embargo preventing media outlets from posting reviews until a week after release and the extra years it had taken to finish, it suffered from poor sales immediately. This eventually led to the creators going bankrupt.


Created by legendary developer John Romero, who had been behind games such as Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein 3D, many people obviously had high hopes of Daikatana. The final product failed to live up to the hype though and when many staff left the studio after a switch in game engines, the title was effectively rushed out and performed poorly, selling well below expectations.

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