For the longest time, global warming was seen as a myth perpetuated by people who wanted to scare the world into being more environmentally conscious. In 2016, the world experienced one of its hottest years of all-time, and now it has become clearer than ever than global warming is in fact very real. We are a threat to our planet, and despite being the most conscious beings alive on Earth, we continue to degrade nature and bring about our own downfall. Preserving the environment has become more important than ever before, and these 10 environmental messages try to shake things up by using powerful messages.

Only Words Will Remain

We are losing species faster than ever before, and this ad makes us wonder if we will see the majestic elephants roaming among us for very long.

Recycle Rubbish

We seem to think that nature is an everlasting phenomenon capable of providing us how ever much we require. That is certainly not the case and there is definitely a finite boundary to nature.

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