The continent of Australia is huge and it’s not that surprising that a lot of places that used to be cinemas, hospitals or bars are now abandoned due to people moving to cities and more populated zones. The places Australia forgot are eerie and a bit creepy, with a slight hint of doom. We’ve found the most bizarre examples and are bringing you a peek into what used to be someone’s life, and now is just a thing of the past in the list below.

Hospital in Perth, Western Australia

This hospital was not long ago functioning and running. It was abandoned with everything in it still as it were before, beds and machines intact. The only thing that gives away that it’s not been used in a while is the fact that some windows have been broken and the wind has strewn paper and clothing across the rooms.

Pub in Murrurundi, New South Wales

This pub in Murrurundi, New South Wales stopped working in the nineties and gives away that old, Texas vibe in the middle of an abandoned village in Australia.

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