Disney movies are made for children – that is an obvious fact. However, it seems that Disney also thought of the parents who would be forced to sit through these films over and over again, and threw in a couple jokes that would be noticed only by more mature audiences. Some of the jokes are quite funny and not too suggestive, whereas others are horribly obvious. The following list is a hilarious compilation of some inappropriate jokes left in Disney movies.

The Emporer’s New Groove

In this beloved Disney film, Kronk is forced to sleep in a tent that is too small for him. He decides to position the tent right over his crotch, which creates some uncomfortable images for adults and children alike.

Muppets Treasure Island

The Muppets have always thrown some kind of innuendo into their skits and films, but this one is particularly funny. Piggy goes on and on about her times with Long John, really emphasizing the word “long.”

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