The deepest parts of the ocean are known for being pitch black and teaming with bizarre wildlife that most people have never seen and probably never will up close. There are giant isopods, anglerfish glowing brightly in the dark, and even the gigantic squid that spawned tales of the Kraken. Sadly, the deep sea doesn’t get quite enough press time like it should, which we’re hoping to rectify by teaching everyone about the monstrosities living deep under those flowing waves. Here are ten deep sea creatures that look as if they’re from another planet!

Giant Ostracod

The Giant Ostracod is sometimes referred to as a “clam shrimp.” They are found all over the world in varying sizes, but the biggest are in the deepest parts of the ocean. Their most unusual feature are their enormous eyes.


The Whalefish is a deep-sea predator, of which only females have been discovered, that are known as “whale mimics.” They are a long fish with big noses, and for some reason they do not have a digestive track, but they do have a short lifespan.

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