The vast majority of people try to live their lives without committing any crimes, instead choosing to obey the laws. Often this is done because an understanding of the basics of what is right and wrong in addition to knowing that living within a lawful society brings peace for the entire community. While many will have fallen foul of petty laws such as parking offences or illegally downloading a song, most will probably believe they have not committed any serious crimes. That may not be the case though. There are hundreds of laws that most people don’t know about, while some countries may have peculiar laws that are easy to misinterpret. These are just some examples of laws that everyone might have broken without even realizing they are doing anything wrong.

Unlocking Your Cell Phone

Before 2015, laws in the United States prohibited people from unlocking their cell phones so that they could be used on a different carrier. So anyone who did this was actually committing a crime and could be punished with a fine for doing so. Fortunately the law was altered in 2015 so that people could unlock their phones and compel carriers to do so after their contract had ended.

Knocking On People’s Doors

Anyone who ever knocked on a person’s door and then ran away as a child as part of a game was actually breaking a law that dates back to 1839. This act of Parliament in the UK banned it under an order to stop people “‘wantonly disturbing’ persons by ringing doorbells, knocking on doors or unlawfully extinguishing lamps”.

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