The environmental crisis is upon us, and if you still don’t believe, just take a look at global temperatures. We are heading into a massive problem with so many dimensions, that it will be impossible to take control of the situation a few years from now. This is why it is important to start little programs that address the many issues in any way possible. A good way to increase public participation is to make these causes more fun and engaging for the people. Here is a list of 10 creative ways to make people stop littering and vandalizing.

Interactive Garbage Cans

Not only can you make people take interest in getting rid of garbage in a clean way, but you can also take their opinion on various issues by using this interactive system.


It is fun to make a game of things that seem a bit boring or mundane. This little puzzle in front of the garbage can might not be the most challenging game in the world, but it makes things just a little more fun while shedding light on an important issue.

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