There is nothing like unwinding after a hard day’s work. People have different ways of letting their hair down and having a good time. Some people prefer taking long walks while others like to cuddle up with a nice book. Spa treatments are an extremely popular way of relaxing and refreshing yourself while also taking care of your hygienic needs. There are plenty of options available when you walk into a spa, but this list includes some of the strangest and most bizarre spa treatments that you have probably never heard about.

Fish Pedicure

Did you ever think that letting a 150 fish gnaw at your feet would be considered a way to relax yourself? A spa in London offers exactly that to its customers. They use Garra rufa fish who have suction-shaped mouths, and these are supposed to gently exfoliate your feet.

Butt Facial

Did you think that facial meant treatment only for your face? There are plenty of places that actually offer you butt facials nowadays.

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