Mouse Gazpacho

She fought the Cracker and the Cracker won. Carla Patterson attempted to battle a franchise of Virginia Cracker Barrel restaurant after she found a mouse in her vegetable soup. She went for a $500,000 settlement over insurance. They ruined her Mother’s Day after all.

The Cracker Barrel wouldn’t roll over that easily. They made sure to carry out an autopsy on the mouse and discovered the little guy had no soup in his lungs. By their logic, that meant the mouse had not actually been cooked, but instead had been added to the soup after the fact. The jury agreed with the Barrel and ended up deciding that she must have been the one to put it there.

Carla Patterson ended up being found guilty of conspiracy to commit extortion and then received a one-year prison sentence. That’s one hell of a Mother’s Day.

Slip ‘n’ Lie

49 liquor stores, department stores and supermarkets have been the stage for Isabel Parker’s antics. The 72 year old, gambling addict, had turned falling over and claiming insurance into a career.

She had filed a total of 49 claims in Delaware County, Philadelphia and New Jersey – and had racked up around $500,000 between 1993 and 2000. In New Jersey, she pleaded guilty to insurance fraud and theft on 29 counts. That’s just in New Jersey. She ended up with a four year sentence – under house arrest. There won’t be any theatrics in there.

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