From mousey soups to falling coconuts, and flying Christmas trees to phones lost in cows, people’s audacity when it comes to claiming insurance money is shocking. The more you read these, the more you’ll shake your head in wonder at what humans are capable of.

We all fall on hard times sometimes. For some of us, that can lead to incredible desperation. And desperate times call for desperate measures. Here are ten of the craziest insurance claims to have ever been filed.

Fire Farce

Having homeowners and car insurance is widely considered to be a good idea. You never know when things will go wrong.

Nicholas Di Puma, from Delaware, however, couldn’t sit back and wait for something to go wrong – he went ahead and set fire to his home and his convertible. That’s right – he had money for a sexy convertible, but wanted more, so he set fire to it. That’s wealth, friends.

He claimed that it began when he the pans on his stove exploded into a fierce fire. This then spread to a bucket of coals that caught fire. So, being the quick thinker that he is, Di Puma then tried to put the fire out, by throwing one of the buckets out the back door – directly into the back seat of his convertible. Pretty impressive – but it gets better.

On his way out the door with the second bucket, he tripped over and it landed on his sofa, ensuring the entire home was ablaze.

Yeah, the local PD didn’t buy it either. Di Puma ended up with five years probation and no pay out on his insurance benefits. Oh, and his home and car were obliterated. Good call, Nick. Good call.

Cow Phone

We’ve all heard the creepy stereotypes about farmers and their animals – and they’re mostly untrue. Right? Right.

Well, one Ivor Bennett got himself in a bit of a sticky situation. The farmer from Devon, England, put in an insurance claim for having lost his phone up the dirty end of a cow. Apparently he had been using the super handy torch function on his iPhone while he was helping the cow give birth on a dark, dark night.

When the phone worked its way out of the poor gal’s system, it wasn’t functional. Shocker. It all worked out OK for Ivor and his cow in the end – the insurance company paid out in full and he replaced his phone.

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