If you hear the name Albert Einstein, the word genius probably comes to mind first. And if you’re picturing him in your mind, you’re probably thinking about his signature wild hair. If you’ve been in math or science beyond Kindergarten, you know him as the wild-haired genius who gave us the theory of relativity and changed the face of physics. That’s all well and good, but there are probably a number of things you did not know about Albert Einstein, and these 10 are sure to shock you!

He Wasn’t A Genius In Everything

Although there may be very few, if any, who have been as brilliant as Einstein, he wasn’t the brightest at everything. Sailing was a hobby he took up in college and continued throughout his life, but as he even acknowledged, he was a lousy sailor. And he didn’t know how to swim.

A Cad With A Tumultuous Family Life

Although he may have fallen in love with Mileva Maric, it didn’t have staying power once they were married. Even his letters reveal that he was a cheater and not a good husband. One of his mistresses was his cousin who would later become his wife, who he also cheated on.

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