When you are growing up, you were often told that you needed to “mind your manners” at the dinner table. If you have ever traveled abroad, you have probably noticed that minding your manners can mean very different things depending on where you are eating. If you have never had the ability to travel the world, you are probably going to be quite shocked to find out some of the things you should never do when eating in another country. Check out our list of 10 dining-related do’s and don’ts from around the world and let us know which ones you found the most surprising and which ones you might have known about.

Don’t Point Your Chopsticks

The Chinese are all about manners when it comes to the dinner table. One thing they find incredibly rude is to point your chopsticks at someone during a meal.

Always Eat Fried Chicken With Your Hands

In the US, it’s considered standard practice to eat fried chicken with your hands. In Gainesville, Georgia, it’s actually illegal to eat fried chicken with anything but your bare hands.

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