At some point when you were a kid, you’ve wanted to be a police officer. In high school and college years, you probably despised them when they busted a party you were at. As an adult, you probably enjoyed the many cop-oriented shows on primetime television. However you portray law enforcement, there’s quite a bit that’s different than what you believe when they’re trying to protect us. Here’s some differences and other interesting tidbits about police officers.

Need More Than Just Warrant

Unlike in shows and movies, cops need more than just a warrant to flash in a place they want to search in. The owner can ask for a supporting affidavit. If the cop doesn’t fulfill those, then it’s a false arrest.

Can Destroy Items During Search

If suspects consent to a search, that will give the right to police officers to use as much force as needed to look at everything. If something is destroyed, those suspects cannot receive monetary repayment.

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