It seems that with all of the advance in modern science and medicine, humans have been living longer and longer. Then again, with so many negative factors like lack of nutritious foods in many diets, whether that be as a result of famine or just bad food choices, and polluted air in many countries, a lot of people don’t have the life expectancy that they should. This list is a compilation of ten different countries across the globe that have the highest life expectancies and why!


Iceland has a fairly high life expectancy rate, at 82.3 years. This can be attributed to many things including their diet, which includes lots of fresh fish, and a great public health system. Iceland is also one of the least polluted countries in the world, so that probably helps a lot too!


Singapore has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world at 82.64 years, and they can thank their government for that. The government controls the amount of cars, and therefore the pollution, and they also have a fantastic healthcare system.

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