By now, it is not hard to imagine there being a lot of countries that absolutely hate America and its people. For as long as anyone can remember, America has either been at war or has been on the brink of one with another country for the longest period of time. Some of the following ten countries may appear to have been our allies, but that doesn’t mean they don’t harbor secret hate for the people in this country. So, without further ado, here are ten countries that can’t stand America.


Germany is currently one of the United States’ strongest allies, but that has changed in recent history. For example, take a look at the most recent NSA scandals to discover why the European country hates us right now. The majority of those within Germany who hate America tend not to agree with how heavy of a hand our country has over the rest of the world.


Argentina may seem like a nice South American country, but ever since World War 2, the public within the country has been split when it comes to their perception of the US. At the moment, the country is about half-and-half. Basically, this hate boils down to the country disagreeing with US leadership at the moment.

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