Are you bored and looking for some company? Women in your town don’t cut it for you? If you’re in desperate need for some company or a long term relationship, maybe even a marriage – you should go shopping for a bride. Internet is a wonderful place, and nowadays, there’s a place where bachelors can actually purchase and have their brides shipped. We’re not sure how legal that exactly is, but it sure does exist. Here’s the ten countries where you can pay for your bride.


Vietnamese women are known to be beautiful, delicate and exotic. These are of course stereotypes, but many men often look for a bride in Asian countries for these reasons. The brides in the country don’t really have any interest in staying in their bought marriage for long, but they do play it up for the sake of the business transaction. Vietnamese ladies are quite sought after because of their conventional Asian features and the fact men are tired of the well-established places, such as the Philippines and Thailand. However, the lack of development means not many are yet displaying their ads online.


Brazil is a big country filled with diverse women. The mail-order market of Brazil constantly throws out images of beautiful, wiggly women and it is always a popular place for the mail-order bachelors to seek their future wives at. The women are freer when it comes to who they marry but also tend to be very independent, not really looking to be in a sour relationship for long. Bad thing is most of the population only speaks Portuguese, making it harder to establish contact with your future mail-order bride.

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