When you’re talking about retail stores like Target, there are usually a couple of different controversial items the store chain has carried over the years that the company eventually pulled. Some of the things were pulled because the public was pressuring the chain. Other times the items were pulled because the store wanted to head a problem off at the pass. Whatever the reason, check out this list of 10 controversial items that have been banned from Target and let us know which one of these items you’ve been looking for before you realized it was banned. Let us know if you think there are some things that should be banned, but hasn’t been.

Store Brand Natural Supplements

After the state of New York did an investigation into store bought supplements and the claims they made, it found many of those claims were not reliable or were downright lies. There were some pills that didn’t contain the ingredients claimed. New York pressured chains like GNC, Walmart and Target into pulling the products. Target is one retail chain that agreed to pull the drugs in exchange for having potential lawsuits dropped.

Realistic Toy Guns

The retail chain ended up pulling guns that looked realistic after a number of people, including children, were killed when they were brandishing these toys guns. It might surprise you that they pulled these kinds of toys way back in the 1990s.

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