Military technology has come a long, long way since the time of spears, bows and arrows. The tech being used by today’s armies have leapt forward in rather large bounds. Some would consider the tech being used by soldiers on the modern battlefields to be science fiction. Combat robots are replacing actual soldiers, drones are flying overhead with bombs attached to their wings, and rifles can now shoot around corners with mind-boggling precision. We live in an impressive time in terms of combat. Here are ten completely mind-blowing pieces of futuristic war tech.

Temperature Resistance

People are born with a neurological pathway, which is known in the science community as TRPM8, responsible for sensing when the body is cold. A neurobiologist known as David McKenny has crafted a device to shut that off, allowing soldiers to fight in the snow more effectively.

Luke’s Binoculars

Luke’s Binoculars, otherwise known as Cognitive Technology Threat Detection, are in development right now. However, this high-powered, megapixel camera is mounted atop a tripod and is capable of seeing in regular light and UV. Providing nothing is blocking its path, the binoculars can sense incoming munitions and threats.

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