While most people feel it is their right to name their kids whatever they want, there have been times when authorities felt like they had to step in and make sure kids didn’t end up with some of the goofiest names we’ve ever heard. While the parents of these kids were likely annoyed at first that they were being told they couldn’t name their kids very specific things, we’re willing to bet sooner or later, these same parents hopefully realized at some point they were actually done a favor. Without further ado, check out our list of 10 children’s names that were banned for being absolutely and shockingly ridiculous.


If you stretch this name out, you realized it’s pie and sauce. A couple in Australia thought this would be a really good name for their child. The government of Australia decided they were wrong.


You’ve likely heard of the tasty treat known as Nutella. One couple in France decided they liked the condiment so much, they wanted to name their child after it. The French government decided it didn’t want children named after food and denied the name.

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