World War II was a horrible period of darkness and strife for absolutely everyone involved, both at home and abroad while fighting in deadly combat. It was a struggle between multiple nations who felt they were in the right. The result was millions of people being murdered, buried in shallow graves – and sometimes even mass graves. Well, sometimes combat got a little bit petty. Instead of using bolt-action rifles and heavy machine-guns, sometimes soldiers would make use of childish weapons to annoy their enemy instead of maiming them. Here are ten childish weapons the Allies used against the Nazis.

Irremovable Graffiti

Graffiti has long been used as a low-risk way to show resistance against an oppressive government. When it comes to the Nazis, the Allies would often drop stencils and paint behind enemy lines so resistance fighters could tag buildings near the Nazi command. This served multiple purposes, as it allowed Allied forces to know which buildings were occupied by Nazis, and also irritated the Nazis as the graffiti wasn’t always pleasant.

Itching Powder

As a way to demoralize the enemy, the British Special Operations Executives began mass-producing itching powder to use against the enemy. They distributed it at laundries and clothing factories, where resistance fighters would administer it on German uniforms.

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