Animal rights groups have grown immeasurably over the past few years. These organizations seek to end the cruel treatment of animals and often look to celebrities to help increase awareness. Whether it is because they really believe in the cause or just want to get some good publicity, many celebrities are willing to endorse the likes of PETA and fight to end the fur trade, animal testing and other forms of cruelty. Some have even taken the extreme measure of posing naked for posters in the “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign.

Angela Simmons


Reality television star Angela Simmons decided to take part in a PETA poster advocating vegetarianism . The message was trying to convince people to give up eating meat and instead decide to become a vegetarian. Simmons cited her religious beliefs as a deciding factor in taking part, saying that taking up the diet would help stop animals from suffering.

Jenna Jameson


Although Jenna Jameson is no stranger to taking off her clothes, as she works in the pornography industry, she was still a major coup for PETA. She appeared in a poster at a fashion week in California wearing a dark black wig and sexy underwear.

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