A castle, according to the dictionary, is a defensive structure used during the Middle Ages. At the time, a lot of kings and royal courts used them as a base of operations before launching a conquest upon neighboring factions and rival armies. These fortresses were generally loaded with massive walls, gun towers, deep dungeons for torture and captured enemy soldiers, and high buttresses. Some castles, however, don’t just remind us of defensive warfare, they remind us of fairy tales and storybooks. Here are ten such castles.

Baku’s Wedding Palace – Azerbaijan

Baku’s Wedding Palace, located in Azerbaijan, is a picturesque piece of architecture nestled in the middle of a now bustling city. The castle is definitely out of place amongst all the cars and passerby, but the tall stained glass windows remind us of storybooks still.

Schloss Anif – Austria

Schloss Anif, built in Austria, is a shining example of a castle straight from a fairy tale. The castle is settled alongside a perfectly scenic lake and surrounded by massive mountains, hills, and forests. This is what you picture when you think of a castle.

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