Food is one of life’s greatest little treats. There are truly so many different kinds out there, with so many varied styles, spices, methods to cooking the perfect cut of meat, and sweet treats to make your mouth water. It is no wonder why so many people have grown so large in the past few decades. Each country is known for a few select dishes, and if you want to taste the best of those plates, then you really need to visit that specific country to get the real deal. British food, for example, has a lot of great traits. And then they have some truly nasty offerings. Here are ten British foods we’d rather avoid altogether. We suggest you do the same, too.

Stargazy Pie

Stargazey Pie sounds like an Asian dish made specifically for a holiday about the moon, but in reality it is more grotesque. Basically, this is a pastry pie that is topped with anywhere from four or more whole fish heads.

Jellied Eels

It takes a truly brave individual to enjoy the taste of eel. The British have a knack for jellying their eels, though, which makes the taste and texture so much more effective and just plain disgusting.

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