There are currently millions of people who are sitting at work while dreaming of striking it big with the next lottery; cashing in on millions of unclaimed dollars. Unfortunately, most people have a better chance of becoming president, surviving a lightning strike, or winning the gold medal at an Olympic event than actually winning a cash-prize lottery. That is why some people don’t leave winning to luck. Instead, the following ten individuals decided to break the system and win by cheating their way through the lottery.

Cash WinFall Scandal

Not long after the Cash WinFall lottery game was released, genius individuals discovered a bit about probability and statistics to win the prize of up to $2 million dollars every three months. Only one prize of $2 million was actually handed out in 7 years of the game running.

Virginia State Lottery Scandal

The Virginia State Lottery was only a couple of years old when they announced a drawing for a $27 million jackpot. The jackpot, obviously, caused a stir within the area, so people lined up. An investment syndicate from Australia managed to get their hands on the winning ticket somehow, collecting the winnings.

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