Logo design is one of the most vital elements of building a corporate brand. Most of the brands we love today would be nothing without their logo. With businesses worldwide recognizing the importance of the logo in the image of the brand, it’s no wonder that a number of businesses and individuals have managed to make millions in the industry of logo design. However, as with most items that are closely related to art, logos are also subjective and could be perceived in a number of different ways depending on the person who is judging the design. While the following 10 logos are quite creative in their own manner, we can’t help but see that the majority of you will get the wrong message for the companies they represent, if you look just at the logo.

The Computer Doctors

Quite self-explanatory, the mistake in this logo is easily seen. Some could even wonder, if these computer doctors only fix your computers.

Vermont Maple Syrup

Showing the state of Vermont in its glorious geographic beauty, this logo reveals a bit too much. However, it truly does show where the pure maple syrup comes from.

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