The terms ‘time travel’ and ‘time machine’ never existed until the visionary writer H.G Wells came up with his for his fictional work. After that, not only has the concept become extremely popular, scientists now believe that we may actually see the technology come to fruition someday. This is the power of great fiction and forward-thinking writers. Not only do they entertain us, they also open our minds to great and wonderful possibilities. There have been many writers across history that have accurately predicted the future in one way or another. Here is a list of 10 such books that managed to peer into the future:


The most famous example on this list is George Orwell’s prediction of wide-spread government surveillance in his 1948 book ‘1984’. The NSA scandal that broke out in 2013 proved his prediction to be true.


Martin Caidin’s book – ‘Cyborg’, written in 1972, managed to predict the use of bionic limbs that would enhance human capabilities. In 2013, this vision came to life when the first bionic leg implant was performed.

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