Human beings spend around a third of their lives asleep. Although it might seem like a massive waste of time, it is an essential part of being a healthy and functioning person. That isn’t to say that people don’t do things while they are asleep. While the vast majority of those who go to bed at night will wake up the next day having only had a dream or two, others have done weird and bizarre things. This is usually the result of sleepwalking and it can let people do some crazy things without even realizing.

Drink And Drive

There has been a large number of people in the USA who have taken the sleeping pill Ambien and then allegedly gone on to sleepwalk. These cases usually involve the person drinking alcohol and then driving their cars with a high degree of impairment, often driving on the wrong side of the road and causing collisions without any knowledge of the events.

Get Divorced

A Muslim couple were ordered to separate after the husband uttered the word “talaq” three times during his sleep. The two Indian residents had apparently argued the night before the incident but were unwilling to divorce as they were happily married and had three children. Religious leaders argued that saying talaq, which means divorce, was grounds enough to order the separation.

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